Ohio Wilderness Boys Camp
A Long Term Commitment Program for Boys 9-15 Experiencing Emotional Trouble
Age-What age boys do you take?
Camp serves boys from age 9 through 15. More»
Cost-What does it cost to send my son to camp?
We are looking for a reasonable commitment from the family and discourage any new indebtedness in order to attend Camp. Our policy is that no boy will be refused or discharged because of the family's inability to pay the full tuition. More»
Length-How long does your program take?
The number of months varies widely, but averages 18, or, 1 ½ years. More»
Graduation-What does it take to graduate?
A boy must have satisfactorily and consistently met his behavior and attitude goals in order to graduate. More»
Application-What is the application process?
There are 4 steps in the application/intake process that require at least two months. More»
Staff Training-What training do the caregivers have?
Staff Training at Ohio Wilderness Boys Camp exceeds the requirements of the State of Ohio for residential care. More»
School-Will my son get behind in school?
We find that most boys who come to Camp advance academically at least as much as they have been in school and usually more. More»
Parents-What does camp require of Parents?
Parents will find that Camp requires a lot from them: time, travel, tuition, and a desire to become a better parent. More»
After Camp-What about post-camp treatment?
Ensuring a good transition back home and success back in the community for our graduates is very important to Camp. More»
Different-How is this program different than others?
There is no similar program in the state of Ohio, and only a handful in the U.S. More»
Unwilling-What if my son doesn't want to come?
Each boy needs to have a desire to come to Camp in order to change himself. More»
Christian-Does my son have to be a Christian to come?
No. All boys are welcome regardless of their faith, or lack of it. More»

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