Ohio Wilderness Boys Camp
A Long Term Commitment Program for Boys 9-15 Experiencing Emotional Trouble

The Staff at OWBC

Two responsible, positive young men lead each group of ten boys 24 hours a day as counselors (Chiefs). Groupwork Supervisors and the Program Director oversee and help the Chiefs. The Camp Director, Cooks, Maintenance Supervisor and Secretary provide the support team needed beyond that in the office, kitchen, and shop. Family Workers interact with the families before, during, and after their son's stay at Camp. The number of boys at Camp is limited to forty so that every staff member can personally be acquainted with each Camper. At Camp we are not trying to 'fix' a boy. Neither do we do things 'for' our boys or 'to' our boys. In all that we do, we do things 'with' our boys. We provide a caring, highly supportive structure in a boy's life that helps him succeed where he knows he has a history of failure. Campers set their own attitude / behavior goals and then our entire Camp staff strives to make him successful.

The Facility

Ohio Wilderness Boys Camp utilizes over 600 acres of upper Ohio River valley wilderness, which is stimulating for boys. This natural space is tolerant of boys' socially-unacceptable behavior so that their deeper needs can be identified and met. Much of every boy's stay at Camp will be in the primitive campsite that his group designs, builds, and maintains. The groups also use a modern shower house, dining hall (called Chuckwagon), and library. Also, at the Camp Trading Post, boys purchase needed items through a Camp checkbook while learning about budgeting, saving, and wise spending habits. Camp's office and maintenance shop round out the non-wilderness part of Camp. The staff is housed on property for 24-hour availability to our Campers. Take the camp tour to see our beautiful wilderness camp.

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