Ohio Wilderness Boys Camp
The group works together to plan each day- balancing campsite needs with things "just for fun"!
  • Winter Fun
  • Enjoy real Wilderness
  • We brush our teeth after every meal
  • The Trading Post is a great place to learn how to use money
  • A bus trip to a cheese plant
  • I am learning how to play guitar
  • A bridge the boys built
  • Getting ready to eat at ready logs
  • Singing in Sharing time
  • The good feeling of a freshly raked trail
  • It is Pinewood Derby car time
  • Our new Chucktent
  • We learn how to make our bed just right
  • Cooking for my group is lots of fun
  • Boys work along side of positive roll models
  • Leading songs in Chapel
  • We take a hot shower each day
  • Enjoying a meal in chucktent
  • Team work
  • Getting ready for a cold winter
  • Building a new sleep tent
  • We learn how to prepare healthy meals
  • We eat in the Chuckwagon, 5 days of the week
  • A warm handshake welcomes us to Chuckwagon
  • We enjoyed this beautiful river on our backpacking trip
  • A bus trip about aviation had us visiting airports
  • Enjoying dutch oven food on a special event

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